Volvo Penta Marine Engine Belt Tensioner Kits

The new design offers larger jockey pulleys but also a new easier way of adjusting the belt. No special tools are needed, just a torque wrench. This upgrade is valid for engines equipped with the Multi-V belt only

Earlier engines with the Twin-V belt transmission must first upgrade to the Multi-V belt transmission.

Part Number Part Name Description Our Price  
877180  SERVICE KIT  Belt Tensioner Upgrade Kit for KA(M)D32,42WJ,42,43,44  $324.05 View/Buy
860388  DRIVE BELT  V Belt (super charger)  $61.23 View/Buy
876954  SERVICE KIT  Twin V-belt to Multi V-belt Kit for KAD42, KAMD42  $734.44 View/Buy
861564  DRIVE BELT  V Belt  $48.74 View/Buy
3581460  DRIVE BELT  V Belt  $59.70 View/Buy
3582424  DRIVE BELT  V Belt  $42.81 View/Buy