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Gas vs. Diesel Engines

There are two primary types of fuel that are used to power boats. Those two types are gas and diesel. There are pros and cons to each type of fuel, and the type that you choose to use for yo

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  • 10 Waterproof Gadgets on Every Boater's Wishlist

    Every boater has a wish list. If they're not thinking about their boat itself, they're thinking about gadgets they can buy to make their experiences on the water more fun and safe. The following list of waterproof gadgets add fun and safety to any boating excursion.

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  • Wet Storing a Boat in New England

    When storing a boat in New England, there's more to consider than the size of your boat. One issue with owning a boat is off-season storage. For smaller boats, storage on a trailer in your garage is suitable; however, for larger boats and even small keel sailboats, trailer storage is not practical.

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  • 5 Tips for Fall Boating Safety

    Fall boating adds another joy to any boat owners life, what could be more spectacular than cruising calm waters under trees festooned with year-end leaves? Boating in fall does carry added safety hazards. Follow these 5 tips when you're planning fall boating trips and continue enjoying the autumn waters.

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  • Keeping Your Engine Cool in the Heat of Summer

    No matter how you power your boat, maintaining your engine's cooling system will ensure the engine runs efficiently and effectively for many years. Having to get a sea tow because you failed to maintain your engine's cooling system can ruin your afternoon on the water.

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  • Putting Your Boat Back on the Water

    At long last, Spring is here. After months of frigid temperatures and winter weather, it is finally time to think about putting your boat back in the water. Here are a few things you’ll want to go over before taking your boat out on the water.

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