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10 Waterproof Gadgets on Every Boater's Wishlist

10 Waterproof Gadgets on Every Boaters Wishlist

Every boater has a wish list. If they're not thinking about their boat itself, they're thinking about gadgets they can buy to make their experiences on the water more fun and safe. The following list of waterproof gadgets add fun and safety to any boating excursion.

  1. Dry bags provide a waterproof place for you to keep your clothing and other personal items in, and are great for organization. There are options on the market, but the SealLine 10-liter dry bag is large enough to stuff with gear yet small enough to stow in your canoe, kayak, or day sailor.
  2. The Olympus TG-4 16 MP16 digital waterproof camera is perfect for capturing memories on the open sea. It can be used to depths of 50 feet. Equipped with a 4X wide-angle lens with a fast f2.0 high-speed lens, it will be a great companion on trips down the coast or across the lake. Equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, and a compass, it's also a backup navigational tool.
  3. Suitable for your iPhone or Smartphone the JOTO universal waterproof case is certified waterproof to 100 feet.
  4. Since you can keep, your phone dry, tune in to a music station and don waterproof Bluetooth, ear buds. Waterproof and sweat proof, the JLab Epic waterproof headphones use Bluetooth to connect to your Smartphone.
  5. Another way to keep your beat going while on the water is with waterproof speakers. The BOOM Swimmer is a waterproof speaker that can take a dunking. Bluetooth compatible, you don't need to wire your boat for sound.
  6. The Hydra Series HD720 dive mask with built-in camera will give you hands free photography with a 120-degree wide-angle lens that takes in the view as you glide along underwater. Twelve megapixel still shots and a Micro SD/SDHC Card Slot give up to 32 gigabits of memory to store photographs of your entire diving experience.
  7. Marine binoculars are a handy item to have aboard your boat. The Pentax 9X28 DCF-LV binocular is waterproof, compact, and lightweight. Its coated lenses increase light transmission and color quality.
  8. A flashlight is a must have on any boat and a waterproof option is especially desirable. The Dorcy waterproof flashlight floats, so if you drop it overboard it will be easy to find.
  9. Underwater LED Lights on your boat will add a completely new effect when you raft up with your friends. Shadow-caster offers a full line of underwater and above water LED lighting designed for the harsh marine environment.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, a waterproof VHF radio will give you the ability to contact other boaters when on the water. Cell phones can be ineffective offshore, but a waterproof VHF radio, like the Standard Horizon HX750S, will keep you connected. Powerful, waterproof, and buoyant, the Standard Horizon is durable and includes an SOS strobe light.